A Short Intro

Here at the Organic Spoon you will find tasty, tantalizing , interesting, and inventive ways to enjoy an organic lifestyle. We invite everyone to share their opinions and resources with us and value every persons input.

We subscribe to the Paleo lifestyle as a guideline on what to eat. Our results with this change in eating habits has been phenomenal. For a quick look on how you can get started check out Paleo for Beginners: Essentials to Get Started on Amazon.

Our Motto: Eat Real Food, and Enjoy Life More

We are in the process of gathering information about where to go for fresh vegetables, meats, fruits, and all things natural, starting with Fort Wayne, IN and working our way out.

If you are in Fort Wayne there is a Farmers Market at the Lincoln Financial Event Center at Parkview field every 2nd Saturday. You can also shop at the Co Op in downtown Fort Wayne. We also shop for organic produce and hormone and antibiotic free beef, fish and poultry at the Fresh Market. Fresh Markets are located all over the U.S.

We hope you find helpful information here. Happy cooking and eating!


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