There is so much information now about how everything that we grew up eating (Circa 1970-1980’s) is now considered horrible for us. Take margarine for example, we were told (beat into our heads through advertising and recommended by Doctors)  that this chemically created food was superior to butter and “heart healthy.” Come to find out the margarine we all slathered on and in everything was worse for us than eating full fat butter. Plus butter tastes great! This blog isn’t about butter though, so check this article out if you want the skinny on margarine vs butter: Butter vs Margarine

The point is that we should eat food that comes from nature and not chemically processed food. When I say organic (as in organic spoon), what I am referring to is minimally processed foods that come from nature. Organic does not mean that we don’t enjoy safe conventional foods as well, but that we make every effort to eat locally, responsibly grown, and prepared foods. You will find suggestions throughout the blog on what and where to find supplies. 

So how is eating healthier on a budget accomplished? I’m glad you asked! This blog is about a way how to eat well, spend less, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle as a result. While we occasionally succumb to not-so-great food for us choices, for the most part we shun the processed food industry and all it’s chemically laced food additives. 

Many people ask me, so what DO YOU eat? The easy answer is everything else that’s not processed (or minimally processed) and tastes good. This is not a nutritionists blog either though, so you can decide what that means for you! What is this blog about, you say? Simply put, it is a journey through the life of two humans who eat clean foods, love nature, and feel better as a result. 

Our next passion is camping, living tiny, and the RVing lifestyle. The plan is to live full time in our “tiny home” year round. Currently, we live the uncomplicated life for six months out the year. We call a 31′ travel trailer home, but are thinking about a new to us rig. We also love the water and camping on the lake, which gives us plenty of opportunities (excuses) to fish.

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Keith and Lisa