The Organic Spoon is a down to earth blog about eating well and about how my husband Keith and I (Lisa) have embraced tiny healthier living. Neither of us are nutritional experts and we do our best to make sure all of the recipe are compliant with the protocol of each diet plan. 

We started embracing the Paleo lifestyle in 2012. In the beginning, we simply wanted to lose a few pounds and eat healthier. As time went on we realized that we felt so much better eating Paleo and Whole30 approved food. Eventually eating this way became our new normal. The transition was pretty painless with the help of all the resources we had available. We did slip up over the years though and it was not always easy.

Recently, I have transitioned to the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) diet, because I have multiple health conditions that required eliminating food known to cause inflammation in the body.  Read about AIP from an expert at AIP Lifestyle Website. Keith is along for the ride because, well… he likes to eat! He is also super supportive and even does some of the cooking and is an awesome prep chef. 

In addition to healthy eating we live tiny in our 34 ft. fifth wheel camper for half the year, while living in small apartments for the rest of the year (cold weather). Moving every six months makes you mindful of how many possessions you own. We consider ourselves minimalists and strive to take pleasure from the little things in life, like spending time with our family, walking in the woods, and sitting around the campfire with friends.  

My hope is that people will visit this site and interact with me about the content. I welcome all comments, critiques, and suggestions. Carpe Diem!