The Organic Spoon is a blog about our journey to ridding ourselves of the toxic chemicals often found in the typical American diet.  Although we focus on recipes here, you will also find a wealth of other information about living and eating well.

We subscribe to the Paleo lifestyle as a guideline on what to eat. We have persoanlly experienced changes in weight, body fat/muscle, health, and mental well-being as a result of changing how we eat and wanted to share what we have learned with you.  For a quick look on how you can get started check out Paleo for Beginners: Essentials to Get Started on Amazon.

Our Motto: Eat Real Food, and Enjoy Life More

We are in the process of gathering information about where to go for fresh vegetables, meats, fruits, and all things natural, starting with Fort Wayne, IN for now, because that is where we call home.

If you are in Fort Wayne there is a Farmers Market at the Lincoln Financial Event Center at Parkview field every 2nd Saturday from Fall until late Spring.

See the buy local link for more information.

We thank you for looking and hope that you find our information helpful in some way.

Carpe Diem!