Tiny Life

I made mention on the introduction to the Blog that we are nuts about camping. In fact, we love camping so much that we would like to do it 365 days a years! At this moment in time it is not possible for us to do that, yet. Stay tuned though, because we plan on taking the leap from 6 months a year to full time within the next several years. 20141013_173100_2

Our 2006 Gulfstream Conquest 29FKS is the one we chose for living the dream. People instructed us that you are supposed to name it, so we call it Wheelson. 






I bet you are wondering what we do all day every day camping, well not all day. Let’s just say that for at least 8 hours a day and every weekend we feel like we are on vacation, or semi-20140917_185258retired. No campsite is complete without man’s (and woman’s) best friend. Our friend and best little buddy is a 10 lb chihuahua named Tank. 






Of course camping wouldn’t be complete without some outdoor cooking. At our campsite we use the open fire, a smoker, a grill, and new this season our Instantpot pressure cooker, more on that later! 20140622_194257






More on the camp cooking in another post!