Stocking up on the Essentials

Eating healthy may sound expensive, but it really does not have to be beyond anyone’s budget. There are some basic food staples that appear to be too pricey at first glance. I’ll start out by listing what I consider staples for preparing the food we eat. Many of the recipes that you will find on the pages here use these simple ingredients. 



  • Butter (grass fed – Paleo)
  • Ghee (grass fed – Paleo, AIP re-intro)
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (AIP, Paleo)
  • Lard (grass fed, AIP, Paleo)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AIP, Paleo)

Let’s face it these tasty fats can get really pricey! Costco sells a huge bottle of ghee at a reasonable price. My favorite tasting ghee is Ancient Organics grass fed small batch. The stuff is pricey but you could eat it right out of the jar. In other words, not all ghee tastes the same!  Both Aldi and Costco have great prices on cold pressed organic coconut oil. Costco has an excellent bottle of extra-virgin olive oil. I find lard at farmers market where from sellers with grass fed and pastured meats. So, that’s the skinny on fats!

Flours and Starches

  • Cassava Flour (AIP, Paleo)
  • Coconut Flour (AIP, Paleo)
  • Arrowroot Flour (AIP, Paleo)
  • Tapioca Starch (AIP, Paleo)
  • Tigernut Flour (AIP, Paleo)
  • Banana Flour(AIP, Paleo)

Replacing the gluten in your diet has gotten much easier in the past couple of years. When I started out it was really just coconut flour and arrowroot starch, but now we have choices!  There are some yummy recipes on Paleo and AIP websites that you can try out, or right here on the Organic spoon. The most popular ones in AIP groups seem to be tortilla’s made with Cassava Flour , pancakes and waffles, yes you can have these treats with the right ingredients! 


  • 100% Maple Syrup (AIP, Paleo)
  • 100% Local Honey (AIP, Paleo)
  • Coconut Sugar (AIP, Paleo)
  • Coconut Syrup (AIP, Paleo)

The list above is not not exhaustive and sugars should be limited on both AIP and Paleo diets. I find myself using the honey and maple syrup the most often.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar (AIP, Paleo)
  • Coconut Vinegar (AIP, Paleo)
  • Cooking Wine, no additives (AIP, Paleo)
  • Balsamic Vinegar (AIP, Paleo)
  • Lemons and Limes (AIP, Paleo)

These acids add great depth and umami to your recipes.  Speaking of umami, you will want to get some ingredients that let you add flavor depth to many dishes. Why should we eat bland food when we can have heavenly tastes?

Flavor Enhancers

  • Red Boat Fish Sauce (Aip, Paleo)
  • Anchovies, wild caught (AIP, Paleo)
  • Capers (AIP, Paleo)
  • Coconut Amino’s (AIP, Paleo)

You can make any recipe go from ok to off the chain by carefully blending in these flavor enhancing additives to your dish. I found all of the No-mato recipes fairly bland until I incorporated some of these ingredients! 

There you have it! Your basic pantry items. Add some spices along with the existing ones and you are ready to go. You won’t have to buy them all in one day. I got rid of all of the old stuff and my cupboards are so much neater and well organized now.